Wright Metals has a truck, crane and bin for every job big to small. One-off domestic to regular delivered services. We have a wide range of bin sizes and styles for both ferrous and non ferrous pick ups. Please feel free to ring and talk to one of the team and we will have a solution to the easy disposal of your metal waste. For a special application with long term pick up, we can tailor-make a bin to your specifications, e.g: if its in a tight corner or area etc.


In Yard Services

At wright Metals we have two yards; One ferrous, (steel) which is located at 9 Mohaka Place this yard has a weigh bridge facility with 4.5 ton and a 2.5 tonne hoists to lift the majority of loads off. Alternatively, we have crane and chain lifts on hand if necessary. Just ring 0800 4 SCRAP before coming and we will take some light information to prepare us for your arrival and organise the correct machinery that will be required to unload your scrap.

We also have Non-Ferrous Yard located at 5 Keith St, Which has a 2 scale systems at the entry of the yard and another scale system at the rear to assist in a smooth operation during busy times.


Weighing and Paying Systems

All of our scale systems are certified every 6 months and are tested to the maximum weigh out limit.

We have a weigh and pay pick up service for one-off loads (ferrous and non ferrous) in cash or cheque. You can also set up an account for the pickups to be paid monthly, 3 monthly, yearly etc.. 



Payments can be made in cheque or cash on drop off to the yard, or commercial pick up and as mentioned above we can also set up a monthly account. It can also be half cash to social clubs and half cheque to your company. We allow our customers to decide what is most convenient for them and or their company. All commercial cash sales can be picked up or, if required - dropped of in person by a staff member for your convenience. 


 Free Pick from one of our 4 trucks 

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